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Rod R. Garcia, A.K.A Rodney Richard Garcia was born in San Jose, California in 1968; he was the firstborn son of Joseph Richard Garcia and Sandra Jean Gray-Garcia.  Though he spent the first eighteen years of his life in the Bay Area, he ultimately grew up when he cut the proverbial apron strings shortly after his nineteenth birthday, and moved South, to cut his teeth in his personal ‘Mecca’ – ‘Hollywood’.

Originally, Rod aspired to be an actor, though after months upon months of fruitless auditions, (his only offers for work being within the adult film industry), Rod moved onto a new phase of his career, and his ‘Plan B’ turned out to be more fulfilling than he could have ever imagined.

Rod eventually found work at a small, yet highly successful literary agency in Beverly Hills, and over the next several months, he worked as a proof-reader, editor, and copywriter.  In time, he even took on some agent’s duties. And so it was, that within the walls of a converted aviary in the heart of Beverly Hills, Rod met his life’s calling face to face.  That’s not to say that Rod had never considered writing as a career prior to that particular time in his life, but he had been so deeply enamored with Hollywood, that it seemed a distant second when compared to the glitz and glamour that existed within the warm and inviting glow of the limelight.

Over the years, Rod had held a grand variety jobs which he feels have prepared him for his chosen career path, giving him a unique set of insights into the world in which we live: Private Investigator, Personal Chef, Waiter, Bank Auditor, Parking Officer, Hotel Manager, College Counselor, Sales, Customer Service and Taxi Driver just to name a few.

In 1998, Rod wrote the “Weapons of Mass Distortion” trilogy (the pilot to a young adult’s action/adventure series entitled “The Evolutants”).  For personal reasons, he decided not to publish the series, but rather, donated copies of the books to the Children’s Hospitals in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.  Rod is now in the process of reviving the series with his two children, Jakob and Jordan, and plans to release it in in its updated form in 2018 (just in time for its 20th anniversary in print).

In addition to the upcoming ‘Evolutants’ series, Rod is currently wrapping up a horror/psychological thriller entitled ‘Iteration’ (formerly known as Therapy), as well as a post apocalyptic thriller a screenplay (comedic/drama) entitled ‘Bluetooth’.  About eighty-five additional works are waiting in the wings, all existing in his laptop at some varying stage of completion, and within the great halls his imagination as a complete anthology of completed works.Rod’s first published work was: “The Bloodline: Birth of the Vampir”, released in August of 2013, and co-written with Shaun McGinnis.

In addition to his literary works, Rod is currently developing an Internet Reality-Series entitled “Method Writer“.  Always striving to keep his fiction as truthful as possible; Rod will join other authors as they traverse the globe and seek out bold new adventures, ultimately experiencing the fantastic lives of their collective characters in first-person!

Rod is the proud father of two amazing children: Jakob and Jordan, whom he loves more than life itself.

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